Voice not heard is the cry for help done silently. Being raped isn’t just about being forced to have sex but there are emotions in it. The pride destroyed is much more than the pride we display.

The same voices that were not heard are the voices that are always say, “You asked for it.”

There are voices that are often say, “You got what you deserved.”

The society we hoped would protect us is the same society that rubs it in our faces. They say it’s the dress code that attracts the perpetrators, what about an 80-year-old woman being raped by a 35-year man? Was she also wearing transparent clothes?

They say we like traveling at night, what about a 4-year-old girl who was raped during the day playing with her peers? Victims are scared to stand up to their perpetrators because their voices are not heard and their experiences are shuttered.


Tell us: Why is it so important to listen to the victims?