Looking at the rights of South Africa in a democratic nation and the way the country has been pedigreed with a free country democracy with no violence or basis of discrimination, I turn to wonder as now during the past few months for the year 2015 where violence has broken out.

It’s a very sad thing where xenophobic violence has violated the right to remain secure and also protecting the most promising country through the way people have to discriminate and kill or injure our fellow brothers and sisters from the other countries, based on the fact that they are not from here.

During the time of the struggle, some of our people ran over to the neighbouring countries to find protection, and to save themselves based on the fact that the country was in ambush by the apartheid regime. So I would like to add that to be violent is not an option, to kill is not an option, and to destroy is not an option. Our human right to protect needs us all to fight against xenophobic violence, as we all serve a part of being African even if our brothers are in the country legally. If not, the Government will act in a right way to evict the shed of blood, which is unlawful and very triggering.

It’s time we come together and love one another and help one another, but not to destroy. Our country is peaceful and must remain peaceful. My last words are that I like the human right to protect and not to be violent. Let’s have peace in our land and let us stand together and fight xenophobic violence.

I believe my points will be of success to stop violence in respect to any crime or violence.