In life these two words are like status, class. Every second and every minute someone becomes a victim whilst, the other becomes victorious. Every nanosecond, the cases increase.

It’s up to us whether we choose to be victims or not. I mean every second a young girl is abducted, every minute a women is beaten and every hour a lady is raped. It might happen in the outskirts of South Africa, but the fact still stands.

Perverts mistake us to as fragile, soft, weak, unable victims. They forget one thing, and that is that we can be victorious. I am not being a feminist but we are victorious, we are the seed of life. It’s our offspring that turn their backs on us. We might be victims but we are victorious, we are self-driven, nothing can break us, we are not called a rock for nothing or for just unacknowledged praises. We are strong, we are conquerors . We are undefeatable.

We might not have the same strength but we are unique, our strength lies upon our wombs. Our skin colour and body shape are for decorations, we are not muscular, but we are unique, we can wall above any troubled waters, we are caring, kind and loving. Our scars are our crowns they show victory and survival, we wear them with pride.

Our breasts are caves of milk and honey. Our lips mutter words of wisdom and courage. Our eyes are diamonds or our temples, we are not victims but victorious.

In a nutshell, to every women out there, I just want you to know that you are beautiful, strong, unique, undefeatable, you are able, you are not fragile and you can conquer and it’s up to you that you choose to be a victim or a victorious. It’s all up to you.


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