Coming out of that room, for the last time, that very same room with thousands of memorable moments. That same room you did a killer presentation. Even to this day you still laugh about it. The room you learned some very harsh lessons about life and beyond. You learned that laughter is the best medicine. Glancing at the learners from lower grades and saying the journey ahead is longer than expected.

That one moment you thought that all eyes were on you and at the same time you felt there was no one watching. That one moment you felt like the world is in your hands, that moment you realised that the thirteen years of waking up at 5:30am was about to end.

That one unforgettable moment you thought would never come. That one moment you started thinking of the future. That one moment your enemies bowed down to your knees. That one moment you thought you would never reach but still you’re there. That one moment you felt that the world as a planet is beneath you. I still consider the moment unforgettable.

They say the best things about the future is that it comes one day at the time, but that moment you realise that the future is much nearer than you thought. That one beautiful moment when your emotions are all over the place, when you realise it is the last time you will set your foot on those premises and it will be your last time seeing all your teachers from your least favourite to the best of the best.


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