My mom and dad make me feel special every day. Maybe it’s because I’m the first one at home so they call me uMajungwashe, meaning the first girl. They love me and I love them too.

So there was this day, 27 June 2018. It is my ‘born day’ or let me say birthday. That day I realised that my parents love me so much.

My mom told me to prepare, we were going out. For me it was my first time going out with my parents to celebrate my birthday. You could see how happy I was. I put my best outfit on and it was only me and my parents. We left the younger ones at my aunt’s place.

We went to Kenilworth Centre. We did some window-shopping and I bought some items. We were holding hands with my dad laughing, pointing at some beautiful things in the shops. It was indeed my birthday. We went to sit down. My parents said I must order what I wanted. I ordered a Ribster burger meal at Steers, my parents ordered pizza.

It was a very beautiful day. We bought KFC for my siblings and cakes – what is a birthday without a cake? I bought a white fake fur coat which I still have today. Every time I put it on I just remember that day and every time I wake up and look at my parents there is that thing that says, ‘Oh, I have to make these people proud one day’. I love my mom and dad and thank God for them.


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