Uhuru – perhaps not a word for me. But it speaks volumes in terms of it representing the conservation and naturally toils and ease vs African practicalities of there being no great rift. We learned indigenously our play was part of our way to conserve ourselves; riddles conserved language embodied philosophy and information about our world. Stories orated mystery stretched the very expanse of mind solidifying synaptic connections and causing new branches to flourish. Yet with colonialism our values; our ways were undermined. Yes, our ways; people of the soil.

By grace; my own mystic to which I am fully surrendered – it all is part of an unravelling story. I believe in love; a compassionate altruistic compulsion to nurture. And I believe that love is embodied in the person of God. He is love and perhaps an understanding of how God loves is what we need to persevere and follow in as we explore the wonder of who He is.

Perhaps right and wrong aren’t as big an issue as long a pragmatic sense of what needs to be accomplished is maintained. Perhaps perfection is a flawed concept, tainted by the rigidity hundreds of generations have tried to impose on the Human soul.

My beliefs are all linked to what I have come to know and that’s what makes it bearable the acknowledgement of my subjectivity. My beliefs are inseparable from my knowledge, which I think is fascinating, considering my enjoyment of science. I enjoy thinking liberally and content that feeds such thought.

Thank you God that I can get out of the complex network and rest in your presence and then it’s just the two of us. But I never really can be separated from the rest of the world for they are a part of me. My memories are linked to people and yes the wind that channels the breeze ignites connections even if just passing as it leads to a place of contextual relevance (where, which could be direction or destination, our thoughts meet dependent on the occasion and purpose of our consensus).

I love you so much Jesus (wonderfully and fearfully made).
Thank you that you are the great director of my fate,
That you cast me,
That you wrote the story of human existence with me at heart
Yes there are flaws and detours and a real adversary but you hold it all together
I know that you are for me, you are for us
You love us with an unending love