How did all of this chaos happen? How did I end up falling for you? I still remember in 2018 how you would hate me in class for no reason. How you were pissed off just from seeing my face. You treated me like a nobody, insulting me in front of the class, tried so hard to make a fool out of me.

Your words and actions really tore me apart. But, I understand behind your hate, you were driven by love. I’m not holding any grudge against you, I’m just confused. Why didn’t you tell me you had a crush on me? You’ve put me through so much disgrace, pain, depression and anxiety.

Can I love you back? Yes, I can and I love you more than anything. When I’m with you, I’m at my best. I just can’t explain the way I feel about you. You’ve put me through hell indeed. And yet, I still love you.


Tell us: Have you ever had someone be mean to you because they liked you?