Life is tough but we try by all means to reach our goals. I remember in 2012, when I did my matric at the age of 22 years old. I was the oldest in class and my classmates used to laugh at me. But I told myself that I was going to finish my matric and I did.

Sometimes we mix ourselves with bad friends who influence us to do wrong things. I believe that my friends were bad influences when it came to education because out of the 10 in our friend group, eight were drop outs and I was one of them. I came back to my senses and went back to school to finish my matric in 2012 even though I didn’t pass, I was happy I did it.

In 2018 I decided to go to Sedibeng TVET College to study Civil Engineering Course and I was so excited that finally my future was bright. I was so happy when I passed my first level two with all my seven subjects. I used to struggle with mathematics a lot, but I had a friend by my side who was so helpful to me, his name was Tshepo Masiteng. He helped me a lot and that’s why I was able to pass my level two in 2018.

In 2019 I did my level three in Civil Engineering and I managed to pass my six subjects except mathematics, I felt like quitting. I could not believe it, I got angry with everyone but I pulled myself together. Here I am today doing my level four in Civil Engineering with my level three mathematics.

Life seems tough at my age of 31 years old, I question whether this year I will get an opportunity to find learnerships? Find a suitable job? Or whether I will be able to pursue my dreams? Because lately jobs are scarce especially when you are a black child. I pray hard every day to God in his name, that he should keep my parents for me. I’m a black child who wasted time and now I want to graduate. I want to make my parents proud as a Civil Engineer graduate.

I’m planning to study Geology next year but what frustrates me is, I don’t know how. Because I won’t have anyone to help me, at least a guider next to me. Life is tough or is it? Because I’m a black child, life is tougher. We are the youth of today, we need to be heard, we need mentors, we need to be heard, we need support. I’ll be happier if I could get help in my studies, get learnership or an internship. I want to show off my skills, life is tough bear that in mind.


Tell us: Do you think life is tough? Why or why not?