Lindo and Spha hate school very much that they can’t take it anymore. They have a plan up their sleeves to get rid of that school of theirs. They also feel that they are being mistreated and also hate the unfair rules filled with regulations to follow.

Spha calls all his friends to gather and talk about how they are to make their plan come into action. The four are at the school corridors in the dark, smoking whilst planning to do this.

Bafethu, kusasa siyasishisa lesisikole, (guys tomorrow we burn the school) Spha gives a direct command.

“But Spha, how are we going to burn it? This is a huge risk, what if we get caught in the scene? Have you ever thought of what will happen to us?” Senzo asks.

“No. We won’t get caught guys. We are going to do this at night where nobody will be looking, and we’ll make sure of that, right majita?”

“Yes, we can hear you Spha bro. Who likes school anyway, I just can’t wait for tomorrow guys, it will be like a movie.” Sthembiso voices his opinion.

“But guys, if we burn our school where are we going to study?” Senzo enquires with curiosity.

Hawu Senzo bro, what kind of questions is that? Your question is also your answer ntwana. We’re burning the school to be free from this studying slavery. Bafethu, think about it, we have ama-talents that don’t need education but need us to use them.” Lindo explains trying to make sense to Senzo and everyone else.

Yaz, you are right my brothers, education is holding us and our talents bak. These talents we should’ve exposed earlier, now they take us years to show and we tend to lose them.” Sthembiso’s agrees.

“You see Senzo, there are so many people out there who don’t like school ntwana, they all have logical reasons. So wena just accept the fact that tomorrow, Egatini High School will be in flames.”

Hawu and then wena, why are you so quiet Vusi? No suggestions boy?”

“No guys, I’m just trying to use sense on this mission of ours and I think Senzo’s right, what about those teenagers who like education? And besides that, do you know how much they paid for that school we’re burning? Guys, I also don’t like school but we have to think for others. If we don’t like school why don’t we just leave?” Vusi asks a very critical question.

Hai suka wena Vusi, you are talking nonsense. You’ve been quiet for such nonsense? I think you and Senzo could make a perfect couple because you think similarly with your stupid ideas.” Lindo mocks and everyone laughs.

“Tomorrow we are burning the school,” Lindo continues. “And if anyone doesn’t want to do it rather leave now, and I warn you before you leave, if you become an informer – impimpi against us, we are coming back for you,” Lindo threatens them.

“OK, now let’s decide. If you are with us please raise your hand,”

Sthembiso, Lindo and Spha, raise their hands. Vusi and Senzo disagree.

“OK, it’s obvious ukuthi these two guys we thought as our friends are against us. Vusi and Senzo, if you guys don’t consider changing this decision of yours, just know that our friendship is over and that also means to us that you’re our enemy.”

Lindo then decides to call Vusi aside, to convince him of the decision he’s made.

“Look Vusi boy, I like you, because you are not a jerk and a coward like Senzo. Senzo likes school but you can see from his eyes that he is concerned, and I don’t trust him. So ntwana do the right thing and join us comrade.”

“Come on Lindo, open your eyes boy. This comrade thing of trying to bring in chaos is over. Conflict and wars are over. What’s the point of burning this school? What are you going to gain?” Vusi investigates.

“OK, since you are so stone-headed boy its fine. But just know that once we burn that school, just in case anything happens to us, we will also report you as our accomplice.”

Hawu Lindo my friend, can you really do that?!”

“Yes I can.”

“But I thought we are all friends.”

“Yes, we are. But once you turn against us it means you’re no longer a friend but a threat. Get that clear in your head boy!”

They end their conversation with tension.

As they go back to gather with the group, Vusi tells them that he is now joining the group. Vusi joins because he feels threatened.

“What! Vusi what are you doing?” Senzo’s shocked because they had planned that they won’t be part of this, it has so many consequences.

They all separate. Senzo knows that Vusi must have been threatened because he knows him well. And that he was the one who came with the idea to not get involved, and suddenly he’s doing the contrary.

The next morning Senzo receives a call from Vusi. Vusi is apologising and he’s explaining what happened and what the gang would do if he didn’t join. Senzo understands his friend.

The day arrives, the day for them to burn the school. So they prepare for the darkness to come. They also plan on blaming it on Senzo, just like they said they would blame it on Vusi as an accomplice for the crime if he didn’t join them.

Senzo decides to go straight and report this crime to the police. Senzo is then awarded trust by the detective for being brave and doing what’s right. He tells the police every detail of when this terrible action is taking place. The police prepare to use their resources to catch these criminals.

Senzo then calls Vusi and warns him and tells him of what he’s done so he needs to be aware.

Sphamandla, Sthembiso and Lindo go in darkness to burn the school. They crouch in the grass to avoid being seen. Vusi hasn’t come. He told them there’s been a delay when he was coming from home so they decided to do it without him. Because of his cowardice, they knew this might happen.

They set the school alight and run. As they are about to cross the township road they find that the police have been expecting them. The police are with Vusi and Senzo.

Yenina zinja nisimpimpile! Nizozibona sizophuma, (hey you dogs told on us! We’ll get out of here.)

As the three are talking, the police shove them in the police van. Senzo and Vusi are praised for a ‘job well done’. And what they have done will be announced in their school, because reporting crimes does not only help the police but the community as well.


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