Today I am reborn. This day I get a new lease on life. I open my eyes today to a brand new bright day.

The sweet scent of the air outside my window soothes my spirit. How wonderful it feels to wake up feeling these tiny bubbles of happiness bubbling inside my heart.

Today I have decided to take off the heavy coat of anger, sadness, worry, hate, fear and uncertainty. All these years I never realised how it hung heavily upon my shoulders.

Today I have decided to look on the positive side of life and only entertain positive thoughts in my mind. I’m waking up today as that bubbly little young girl I was two decades ago.
Life’s worries and troubles will never end, but today I have decided to take it one day at a time, as I walk through the journey of life.

Today I have decided to look around me and realise all the blessings I have and I’m grateful.
I will no longer allow my dark past to haunt me ever again.

Today I forgive myself and everyone who hurt me. I refuse to dwell in the past any more, as the past casts a dark shadow on my present and future.

Today I choose to live in the now, be happy and grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.


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