Love is a serious commitment. If you are in love, you are committed to fulfill the obligations of love. You cannot be in love without loving your partner or being loved in return. When you fall in love with someone, you agree to take on the fulfillment of those love obligations. Remember that love is a soft thing. Don’t make a game out of love and avoid being rough with love.

Love is like a fruit seed. Once planted it needs to be watered regularly. When it shoots out the watering should not stop, or else love will wither and die in the scorching sun. When love matures into a big fruit tree it will need watering more than ever before. At this stage, unless a lot of water is supplied, the fruit may be poor. It is said that “love never grows old, it only matures”, but the problem is our selfishness. Love needs more attention when it matures than when it was beginning. If you love someone, you care, support and encourage them from the birth to the death of your love.

When people are in love, they forget that rights go with responsibilities. If they have rights they also have responsibilities to respect. If you are in love you have the right to not have your heart broken, but you also have the responsibility to not break your partner’s heart. It is a mistake to think that one has the right to do whatever one wants in love. In exercising one’s rights, one is very likely to hurt one’s partner. Therefore, there is the need to also exercise one’s responsibilities.

To love someone is not about telling the person that you love him or her. Mere words are not enough. If you love someone your actions and intentions should be good, not harmful. Have you ever wondered if your partner truly loves you? I mean, why is it that most people with a sexually transmitted infection do not disclose their condition to their loved ones? People will claim to love their partner, and then transmit their infection to them. Love is blind but it has a heart, it feels, and in feeling it sees.

How could a person fail to protect something he or she truly loves? Loved things need to be treasured the most. Treasured things are well secured and protected. To love someone is to adore, cherish, value and appreciate his or her efforts in upholding your commitment. More importantly, love is about understanding your partner’s needs.

Always remember that love is like a seesaw that needs to be balanced on both sides. If it is imbalanced it will go crashing towards the weighty side. You cannot love someone if you are not loved back. Love grows when it is received in return.

To love someone is to love yourself more than you love your partner. I mean, if you are not afraid of hurting yourself then you probably don’t care about hurting your partner either. For instance, how could you be afraid of transmitting an infection to your loved one when you were not afraid of contracting it yourself in the first place?

Sometimes people think that hurting oneself is the best expression of love. But in my opinion it’s the other way round. Hurting yourself to show that you cannot stomach the painful deeds or acts of your loved one is the worst way to express your frustrations in love. It does not prove love to anyone. For instance, some people commit suicide: by hanging, by poisoning or some other way. But to do this only shows that you are not strong enough to ridicule the woes and pains of love going astray.

If you accept the situation you agree to pretend like it never happened, swallowing the bitter pills and moving on with your own life. But if you refuse to accept the situation you will probably feel betrayed. Soon, unanswered questions will hover in your mind. Later, the congestion of your mind will weaken your resolutions and will make you feel like your life is meaningless and not worth living. In this sense, suicide is a failure to cope with reality and to accept one’s situation. So suicide cannot be a way of solving love frustrations, and neither can it prove love to someone or to oneself.

Loving someone is meaningless if it means taking one’s own life for love. How can your partner love you when you are dead? By following you into death or by crying his or her heart out, until there are no tears left to shed? What about your relatives? What about the love bond between you and your siblings? Will it be understandable to them that you took your own life, just because of the frustrations of love?

It’s your own life, but are you born on your own? Were you not born because of your mother and father? Don’t you care about the pains your mother went through for your birth? Can you be that selfish and inconsiderate?

Love is a serious commitment but many people these days take it for granted. Don’t forget that love is a beautiful thing when you do it right. When love hates it cracks, when it cracks it breaks and when it breaks it hurts. It hurts, but it does not call for suicide. It needs a strong mind and an accepting heart to put together the broken pieces. Be strong enough to carry on with life, even though you may have a bruised heart.


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