My handsome twins changed everything. They made me responsible. In everything I do I make sure they are happy and they have a bright future.

Each and every morning I call their mother to check they are fine and I have to hear their voices. When I do I smile and feel happy. Every day I make sure I come to work so that I can provide for them and also help their mother with other things that she is not able to do for them.

My twins are my life and I want to make sure they don’t suffer without a father. I know how painful growing up is without a father – it’s not good at all. Now I think I do things differently than before, because now I am a parent and I want my children to be better men than my father in the future.

Before they arrived in this world I was partying all night, never sleeping and drinking alcohol. I never thought straight but when they were born all of that changed. I drink, but not like before. I stopped partying at night because they should learn how to be in a household and also learn that partying at night is not good at all. All of that they should learn from me, from how I act. I need to be a role-model. They need to see it. You can’t tell your children partying is not good but you go and party at night yourself. They learn from seeing me doing it, not just telling them.


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