The clock is ticking. Time is running out, and it cannot be reversed. People are always thinking that the world will slow down and wait for them, but it will not. The world is going to keep moving, just as when it revolves around the sun, it will not stop it will continue to advance.

Lost time is never found again. Time cannot be controlled or manipulated, however, it can be managed. It is more about how much you put in, how productive you are in that particular time. We all have the same twenty-four hours in a day, it is about how efficiently it can be used.

Time never stops for anybody. We either keep up or stay behind. One solution to manage time is to strategically build up those skills that help manage time. Frankly, time is significant. Our lives are dependent on it therefore life is ticking away too. Perhaps this will make more people realise the importance of this disclaimer.

I often ‘mistimed’ my daily habits and did not prioritise them. By the same token, I underestimated the power of this commodity we call time. This brings me to just before my ‘aha’ moment. The experience was acrimonious. Everybody around me was succeeding and I felt left behind. I was uninspired, I needed motivation, inspiration to uplift my soul.

As the days went by, I adopted a habit of watching YouTube videos in order to find a purpose. The ‘aha’ moment came, unexpectedly, in the shape of these motivational videos. One of them, titled “Time is running out’, really did it for me, it was as if it was meant for me.

The background music was uplifting, it urged me to get a move on! I found myself watching more and more of these videos. Bingeing, video after video, so much so that my phone storage was almost full. I was filled with motivation and new thoughts that could, well, certainly bring about new habits. I then realised that there is more to life than ‘just’ living life without any means. Instead I can reach greater heights if I commit to this ‘new’ life. This was my ‘aha’ moment.

The subsequent day, the feeling of excitement, motivation and euphoria had dissipated, I felt empty. But after reminiscing about a video I watched, in that album, I realised and I remembered the words of the late Jim Rohn, a motivational speaker. He talked about consistency. I realised my idleness could be transmuted to enthusiasm and vigour. It is only that I need to achieve consistency. This meant that I had to develop new habits, have a daily routine in order to stop drifting away from my new path of consistency. In that moment in time, I knew that I needed to put in the hard work.

We are what we think. I am a compilation of my own thoughts, which lead to new actions and finally new habits. Some people say it takes twenty-one days to build a habit, some claim it is sixty-six days but I say that it takes a lifetime to build one, therefore, we should do those things without ceasing.

My ‘aha’ moment has done wonders. It has also unveiled to me the importance of reading, and so I did. My life right after that moment transformed. Today I know myself a lot more and I am more disciplined and mindful. I am more conscious of my actions most of the time. A number of people live their lives by the play of their controlled and disciplined imagination, and I am now, evidently, one of them.


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