What is a clock? Well to some it’s just a circled structure hanged on a wall that gives you time. “Time in itself, absolutely, does not exist; it is always relative to some observer or some object. Without a clock I say ‘I do not know the time’. Without matter time itself is unknowable. Time is a function of matter; and matter therefore is the clock that makes infinity real,” once said the great John Fowles.

The seconds keep on ticking just like busy ants. Ants keep themselves busy by always hunting for food everywhere. The seconds always keep on ticking to attain short-term goals for making a minute with 60 ticks. Every second matters, no matter whether those seconds are small or big.

The 67 minutes for Mandela Day is a special time for everyone worldwide. During this time thousands of people use their time preciously by making a difference within 67 minutes, which makes them different through their experience.

Each loss is unique to an individual. Each loss is painful yet there are opportunities behind every loss. Lewis lost his parents at a very young age, he suffered a painful loss. He moved to live with his uncle soon after his parents died. The loss of his parents really changed his life. But what that taught him is to never be afraid to discover new opportunities, they may be scary but he discovers new opportunities; ones he wouldn’t have had.

Now what that taught me is to never hold onto to something because the clock is always ticking. Learn to let go of the past. Some people will come into your life and some leave. Time is going, move on, there are a lot of opportunities waiting for you out there. You may think your loss is the worst thing to happen in your life, maybe you have experienced a similar situation as Lewis; never look at your loss completely negatively.

They say when time does not heal there is only one way out – seeking help from the one for whom all clocks tick for. God is our time keeper after all, so we ought to seek help from Him. He knows the time for everything and for everyone.

Keep discovering yourself as there is no end to the newer you. Every experience makes you a different person with the ticking of the clock and self-realisation. Time has to do with every experience you go through. We are also reminded that there is not an infinite amount of time for something to happen.

God makes every time precious and it’s up to you to see that preciousness. Make use of every moment you have here on earth, for God made it precious.


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