If it is as they say, “There is a time for everything” then there is a time to leave, a time to turn and a time to return. However, does this mean that every departure warrants a return? They say, “Time heals all wounds”. If I never have time, does this mean I will never heal? Three years have passed and the wounded helper that left in pursuit of healing is still wounded.

No GPS needed, I know the roads and the way home better than I know myself. A car packed full of my belongings, but I still left luggage behind. I left the pain behind…or at least I thought I had. How then was it possible that I unpacked wounds when I arrived back home?

They say, “It’s what you do with the time that heals.” All this time, I did not realise I was running out of time, to use my time. I could have saved myself from the additional cuts, burns and bruises had I returned to the true self as opposed to the trying to escape from the fragmented self. Was there truly no time to accept the repressed parts of the self, which had returned, or was I simply driving without checking my own blind spots all this time?

They say, “Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows”. For me, my mind needed more time to accept what my heart already knew. They say, “Time heals all wounds,” or does it?


Tell us: Do you think time heals all?