It was here, it made me feel alive from the inside out, no response to all that was negative. For a moment I felt like I had a purpose that I must complete, raining days never took away the sunshine I created. In all moments to come I could sing a melody without missing a note, dance without being tired, admire without being confused. I could go on for days and see good in every bad; I would look at people and find myself trying to make them see what I am seeing and that is being happy.

All of a sudden it disappeared like a needle in the hay, I could not understand where my melodies went, where my energy for dancing went, the good in what seemed bad. To admire it felt lost forever, when rainy days appeared I felt wet and cold, there was no sound, and when I saw people, I didn’t want to hear them. My happiness was gone, just gone.

I realise it’s in me, that happiness is in me. It’s something that I must build up, no one can make me happy unless I decide if I want to be, no one can force me to be happy unless I am forcing myself to be.
Never depend on someone for your happiness, it’s all in your control. Happiness is not something that is given to you; it is something that is part of who you want to be.

Tell us: What does happiness mean to you?