Have you ever wondered how different our lives would have been if we were born in other centuries? Your answer can be a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, but I wonder what you wonder when you get that thought. Well, let me tell you about mine.

Every day I sit in my room and take my book and write down what’s on my mind. I’ve had so many suicidal thoughts because of the trends in our century. Our lives have become something else. The famous and rich people determine how our lives should be and in that way, many of our youth want to be like them and they end up forgetting their backgrounds and lose themselves in that process without even realising.

In this world of ours, doing the right thing doesn’t feel right because everything of ours depends on what other people think of us and nobody takes the time to do great things and be a part of something great. This century has become a “live for yourself world; get rich; after that get greedy and don’t share.” Nobody in our youth takes their time to invest their money on poor people and fight poverty. But all we know is to wear expensive things and buy expensive data so that we can trend on social media.

Is that a life worth living?

You may say “Hell yeah!” but I promise you that the way you see things now will change in a few years’ time. Our youth would rather trend on social media than to seek for knowledge. Oh yeah! I know that sounds so nerdy but truth be said, later on in life you’ll wish you could take back time so that you can do things differently. Social media won’t pay for your electricity bills or all your needs and it won’t be there to help you when you work long hours in the work place you hate.

We are not really allowed to be who we are because people expect us to be more like them. Being Fat, according to many people, is unacceptable and body shaming the fat ones is so accepted. When you are poor you become isolated from others because people now judge you with your wealth and followers on social media. Really, what world is this? I still haven’t gotten the right answer.

Our cultures and religions have become something we are so afraid of practising and being proud of because we want to be like other people. Where did all the pride of being you and living your life the way you want to go? Is it really peer pressure or our world we live in? Pal

Nobody knows. When it comes to being educated you end up not knowing whether all your years of studying are worth it, or they are all gone to waste. What’s the use of having a Bachelor’s degree when you’re unemployed and nobody is willing to employ you? Our world is really something else. We are the children of the century of connections and corruption. Many people know what I mean by this.

Well, I’d rather be on social media all day than to help my granny with the house duties, yeah I’m the 21st century kid. Where my mother and father would rather take me to boarding school because they can’t discipline me and they want other people to do what they’re supposed to do. I’m a kid that was not given an opportunity to learn from my family; how to love and protect my family when I grow up. I end up depending on Google to teach me all those things. I live in a century where all my life depends on technology and life is made easier for me but I’m so ungrateful.

I learned to wish for a huge house and many cars instead of building a warm home and wishing for a happy family. Instead of going to church, I’ve gotten used to sitting at home and playing PlayStation. Manners and respect isn’t really my thing because nobody was there to teach me what it really means. And it is all because that, even when my parents are finally home from work, I spend that little time I have with them, busy with my phone, instead of talking to them.

I keep wondering about our lives. What stories will we tell our grandchildren? These thoughts never end.


Tell us: What do you think of the 21st century youth?