Not everything that we see or do in this world is worth it. Some things we just do for the sake of accomplishing our missions with pains, disappointments, temptations and discouragements. But in the end it sets us apart.

God set me apart from a lot of things. He set me apart from things that I don’t know and haven’t seen my whole life. Firstly it says in his word: “But when he who had set me apart before I was born, and who called me by his grace.”
To be set apart is to be different from others; different from other things. Not looking at what people are saying but focusing on yourself and your life.

I am set apart from my friends. Friends are not to be kept forever. They can tear your soul. They can make you feel intellectually challenged, they can make you lose hope as well and make you look down on yourself. But the good thing about them is that they can give you a challenge that can build you up and help you to be set apart from all the inconvenient things.

I am set apart from all the bad things that are happening in this world. The world itself is classified in different ways. There’s theft, murder, different kinds of things that can destroy a person’s life.

I am set apart from the distraction and disappointments of this world and its people. I am set apart from the fights, the gossips and the temptations of the heart.

It all happened because of being born again. I believe that once I accept him as my Lord and savoir I shall be redeemed.

My mind also sets me apart from a lot of things, such as thinking of my past. Since I know what happened before and I try by all means not to do it again. In that way I set myself apart from my past and stay focused on things that are worth it. I believe that whatever I put in my mind to will determine the way I’ll live my life and whatever comes from my mind to my mouth can destroy a lot of things so I believe that I should speak what comes from my heart.

Having a good heart is one of the biggest weaknesses but also a lesson that can make you set yourself apart, reason being that people tend to take advantage of that.
Overall I am set apart by God.


Tell us: What sets you apart?