There is a tale behind every person, behind their expressions, emotions, behind their fake smiles and there’s a soul beneath their skin.

On a warm Monday morning I found myself staring at the tall face-brick building that stood before me also. It was Evermore High School. I huffed out a breath just thinking about how my day would turn out. After a debate with myself, I finally decided to just enter the building, I mean what could go wrong?

I was able to reach my locker without any trouble. “So far so good” I thought to myself. As I turned to start my journey to my register class, I bumped into the two people who scared me more than death itself, the Smith twins, Katie and Kaylee. My palms instantly became sweaty, my heart pounded in my chest and my stomach felt as if I had been beaten up and it was ironic because I was about to receive a beating from the twins.

All of a sudden, I felt a stinging sensation upon my left cheek, one of the twins had just slapped me, and that explained why my head had been turned to the side. I turned my head forward and looked at the ground as if it was the most interesting thing in the world. Katie grabbed my hair roughly, she banged my head on the nearest wall – I saw stars! With a giggle from her sister, Katie punched me in the stomach making me lean over in pain.

“Trrriiiiiiiinng!” Saved by the bell. I hurried off to the nearest bathroom that not many people used. I assessed my wounds and found that my left cheek was bruised. I lifted my shirt just to see a huge blue mark starting to form on my abdomen. I put my shirt back down and decided that I would just spend the rest of my lesson in the school library.

I sat in the library thinking about my horrible encounters with the twins. I had absolutely no clue as to why these girls bullied me in the first place. At first, I thought they were just playing harmless pranks as they would trip me or drop my books to the ground, but they started beating me for fun as we grew up. I tried asking them about what I had done to make them hate me so much but that only seemed to enrage them.

The longer I sat and pondered about the situation, the more confused I became as to why I was their main target when there were so many people in the school. But then again why would you start bullying people?

“Hey Jade did you hear about Katie and Kaylee?”

“No, what happened?”

I heard these voices near the library so I hid behind a tall book case.

“Apparently their step dad abuses their mom.”

I held in a gasp. This explained so much. The reason why they bullied me was because they did not receive the love they needed. Their home environment was very toxic.


Tell us: Do you think the twins should be forgiven for bullying others because of their background?