I felt my strength deserting me. My joints were very weak and my body was weary. I looked back to see how far I had come, only to realise that I hadn’t made any progress.

I have been active and mobile but stuck in the same place like a mountain. Walking but not reaching the destination, working hard yet, achieving nothing, crying but never heard.

A roller coaster of emotions and a wave of thoughts made my head spin. What have I lived for? Nothing. Do I have anything to boast with in this life or the next? Absolutely not.

My one-way ticket out of this miserable life was only to give up and end my days on the face of this earth… That’s what my mind told me.

Laying on my back the on ground, gazing towards the heavens and enjoying the view of the magnificent blue sky, I whispered to whoever dwells on the above that I’m done. End my life; I have no desire to live. There is no purpose for me, so what’s the point? End me right here and right now.

I was silent for a while. Then I heard a soft and gentle sound. A sound like that of a drum, only the rhythm was very slow and unique. Then it came to my senses that I couldn’t hear anything but the beating of my very heart. A still voice proceeded out of the organ that pumps my blood, a voice only I was able to hear and make meaning of thereafter.

“I have been operational since the day you came into existence, I have kept you alive by pumping blood in your veins. I have never failed, forgotten you or given up on you. I don’t sleep nor do I rest, not because I don’t want to but because I have to. It’s my purpose, so what’s yours?”

Just like that, the voice vanished and I was left with a question to ponder. After some considerate thoughts, I knew right then and there that as long as there was a drop of blood in my veins and the sun still shone and the wind was blowing, I would never settle for less. To be what you want to be is to act upon it and to act upon it is to act now, for life is a vastness of probabilities.

Are you waiting for tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes? Waiting for the second chance – really? What if this is the only chance we have?

Change from being a talker to a doer. Let’s walk the talk, shall we?

I lifted my hands and thanked God that he gave me life, the greatest gift ever. What I ought to do with it is entirely up to me. So I decided to transform the world, to love others with a sincere heart, to be the bridge so that everyone can cross to the other side through my help. I will be my own hero. By this I knew I had found the will to go on.


Tell us: What do you do or tell yourself to motivate yourself when you’re going through a difficult time?