I’m Sibusiso Ngetu and I’m from PE. I am an all-rounder in my team. I do so many duties, because we don’t have enough numbers and I’m trying to bring new and fresh ideas as the team was running under an old Executive who all have left the team. The name of my team is Boast Pirates FC “The future generation”. I am also part of the coaching and technical support of the senior team and I perform admin work for juniors, which includes registration of players, capturing their information, attending meetings etc. which is special to me.

I live in an area that is dominated by drugs and alcohol abuse, gang violence and peer pressure. The junior team is so important and special to me because one soccer ball takes away 22 players from all those things that have negative impact in their lives. We have under 13 age, under 15 age and under 17. Some of the boys are coming from difficult backgrounds and they don’t have soccer boots, some wear tekkies and some play barefoot.

It is painful to see that someone can have a talent but not the tools to push it, there are little things that can have a negative impact like not having a soccer boot to play soccer. We don’t have any sponsor and we have to pop up money to feed these kids before and after matches. We have two or three kids who are disabled but soccer unites everyone and everyone feels special.

These boys are special because without them there is no senior team, they are our upcoming stars. We try and teach them life skills as well and motivate them to study, respect their parents and respect one another regardless of their background. I want what’s best for them and I want them to have a bright future, be the next leaders and pass it on to the next generation. I love these boys, they are special to me.