We all have rhapsodies to tell about love, and not just rhapsodies but also heart-felt stories. Once you dip your toes into the world of love, you need to be ready to go through emotions, predicaments, joy, and tribulations. This is what we all encounter in this world of love.

You may see couples wearing beautiful, deceiving smiles on their faces, and you start to envy their public displays of affection – unaware that everything may seem beautiful when you’re looking through rose coloured glasses.

Some people say love is a game. But I say love is a commitment – and not just a commitment between two people, but a commitment which goes together with making a pact with God. You must put God first; by doing that all the chains will be unlocked. You will often be there for each other even when the temptations and tribulations are erupting like volcanoes. However, there’ll often be challenges, because that is what makes a truly strong relationship.

Love brings up emotions that run the gamut from agony to ecstasy and inspire us to accomplish some of the craziest and most amazing feats. With love, one can live even if there isn’t any ecstasy – only drama. Love is such an inexplicable feeling, an expression. It is like a magic touch: once you feel it in you, it’s like there is no other thing in the world and you may say it’s for eternity.

However, love is a very dangerous state. You’re inclined to recklessness. All that glitters is not gold… There are certain times when you find yourself in situations where you have to choose between friends, work, and even family. It is really not all that pleasurable.

The thing about love is that it is really difficult to put into words. You know sometimes that you don’t love someone because they are perfect – but instead you love them even with their flaws and their dark sides.

I am still on a journey. I am still trying to figure out the truth about love because I don’t know it all. But what I do know is that once I find myself in a situation where I’ll have to give my heart to the one I love, I’ll give it all because we only live once and perfect people are hard to find.