His father had given him a pair of shoes. This was a noble gesture but no one really could comprehend if this doing was a generational curse or a blessing. But people knew and believed that this must be accomplished as it is believed to fulfil a man’s fate. Every man must accept his fate or be destroyed by it. He never really heeded much as he was of a strong will and possessed a peculiar mentality.

These dusted pair of shoes he had abandoned since high school, now he had recently graduated from college. It had been three days since his father’s passing; a legendary man reputed for his integrity had gone up and was with the Lord. “The community will not be the same anymore,” said one of the commuters, who used to travel with him to work, with a broken voice. A noble man whom the old had looked unto for counsel and the young aspired to become like was taken from them.

Of all his siblings, he was the carrier of his father’s image; more in likeness and integrity. Although under no circumstances had he shed a tear, dawn had broken as he stumbled upon an old room, only to attain for an ancient vintage holdall where this mystery pair of shoes was laid. A perfect fit like a hand glove. He’s always wondered if these would really complicate or rather simplify his life. To his marvel, all of the above, so he realised.

One day from work he decided to take a stroll around the village. He set out for a 5km walk with a heavy mind. He sought after answers as to why was he supposed to wear an old pair. He wondered about, in hope of a solution to a problem unknown. However, just before he reached his destination. He noticed something strange about people who were staring at him, rather at his shoes.

Compliments after compliments about a pair he had on poured out. His countenance lit up, like a patient who just received good news in a waiting room. Now in a comfortable spot, still unfulfilled in his quest, his hungry soul cried a little. Time went by and he returned home and put this pair where it belonged. Wearing anything else but this pair was a struggle mentally, so many thoughts he’s had to deal with. He summoned the courage to finally contribute all other shoes he had, except the bestowed pair, to charity.

Now even more comfortable about his pursuit and the love and happiness this journey had brought upon him, he decided to take leave from work and sojourn in an unknown town or place, confronting his purpose. Having had discovered that charity is the principal thing, what was next…he thought. A lesson he by no means learned, was that purpose is found in doing.

He met an old good-looking woman, an octogenarian. “Life is to be lived, charity divine, but the Excellency of finding purpose surpasses the execution of purpose,” she said and immediately walked away. He was perplexed and startled with tears in his eye. He had ultimately learned what he called a priceless lesson. After all, the sole purpose of these dusted old pair of shoes was there in this lineage to aid in discovering self. From generations to generations, this act was believed to assist in discovering purpose since finding purpose can preserve a man’s life.


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