When he first arrived everyone admired him, but I knew that something was wrong with him. I always asked myself, why is he so perfect and so innocent. There was only one way of proving my point, and answering my questions and that was to get to know the person better.

He is a great history teacher and history is my favourite subject. He knows a lot about history but who knows his history? I took it upon myself to Google him, only to find out that Mr Leonard Nkosi was a very good teacher, but he was given a warning for dating his students.

After I found out that he dates young girls, I had to see what his plans were so that I could fix my own problems. Financial problems. Firstly, my mom doesn’t work, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend to take care of her. Secondly, I have needs. I have to think about myself.

The next day, I put my make-up on and worked the charm. During Mr Nkosi’s period, I was busy asking questions for him to notice me and it worked. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. I swayed my butt from left to right. I seriously thought I had him in my net, but he had me in his net.

He asked me to stay for extra lessons, and I never knew he was a sick pervert. After school was very surprising because he took me to the mall to buy anything and everything I wanted, only because he wanted to sleep with me. He made me buy lingerie because he knew where we were going after the mall. I thought he was taking me home but instead he took me to his house. We started kissing and found ourselves in his bedroom, naked and having sex. I screamed and he stopped, to ask what was wrong because he thought this was what we both wanted. I told him that I have to get home because my mother tended to worry too much that she called the police to file for a missing person.

I bathed and Mr Nkosi took me home. My mom could tell that something was wrong by the way I walked. Immediately she asked me who did it to me. I wanted to defend myself.

“Mr Nkosi said I should come for extra lessons after school. I came and then,” I cried, “and then he raped me.”

My mom quickly hugged me and cried saying that it will be alright. I heard my mom talking to the police on the phone and I thought about what I had done. I ruined his life, but nah he deserved it, for sleeping with me.

The next morning, the police came with me to school to arrest him. As they were looking for more witnesses, Nobuhle, the quiet girl at school rose up and said that Mr tNkosi had sexually abused her three years ago. He was arrested and was given 15 years for rape. He suffered a stroke and got out with medical parole, but he died after being released.


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