Once there was a young girl whose name was Bella. She loved to sing and play the guitar. The thing her mom didn’t understand was she was afraid of what other people might think.

One day her mom called and told her that she must not care what other people think but only care what she thinks about herself. The next day her mom signed her up for a talent show.

Her mother called her as soon as she was accepted in the talent show.

โ€œHoney, guess what? I signed you up for a talent show and itโ€™s tomorrow.โ€
She was so excited, she couldn’t sleep so she kept on practicing. The next morning her mom drove her to the talent show. She got up on the stage and sang her heart out.

When everyone was done with their acts, the judges finally made up their minds. And the winner of the talent show was Bella. Everyone was happy and they lived happily ever after.


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