Life is a series of events making up a person’s life, being alive is life. In our lifetime we all have a story to tell, being a piece of non-fiction occurrences that will narrate a chain of related events which stimulates the inner being to elevate the future. We live to inspire others to push and give memories.

We all have our story to share, which makes each of us unique, our ups and downs conquer deep revelation foundation of living in understanding our purpose, diverse knowledge of our wisdom in enlarging our roots to suck up water providing nourishment will help us metabolise to bear fruits. People see these fruits and wonder in the manufacturing process.

When I look back, I see grace which was established before my knowledge, it sustained me out of the enemy’s mouth, and this gives me a reason today to have a story to tell and proclaim about. Everyone will undergo the sentence of the grave but for me, heaven wasn’t ready for my arrival. In this near-death experience, life changed and taught me to value life and to be gracious about it.

It was 25 October 2016, an unforgettable day, I was heading home back from school, when suddenly the sky turned black in a blink of an eye and there was lightening and thunder. It became windy and I felt the lightning strike under my feet. I was frozen, helpless with no direction and I prayed to God for a consecration.

Although it was stormy, I was longing to be home. Along the way it started to rain, like drizzle before it became so violent that I couldn’t hear myself breath. I thought I was dead and I wasn’t even halfway home but I was determined to be home because I knew I would be safe and under the shelter.

The rain was so violent that I felt the ground shaking but it became gentle and hail started to fall. It revived me to run but there was no strength. I fell and fainted as the rain became the lullaby and the hail was flabby and aggravated, I woke up helplessly dragging myself home.

At last I reached home, I fell into the door way and my family came to help me up, I was devastated, happy and emotional at the same time because I thought I was going to come home dead. The family was happy to see me and they prayed to God with thanksgiving. The storm became still when I got home and to my surprise, my neighbours’ roof was lifted off and on the road. Only God knows how that happened because I passed there when I was on my way home and there was nothing on the road. And because there was so much damage that occurred in the village, the Natural Disaster Management came to rescue and called for medical assistance for the people affected by the storm.

I went in to the hospital to check for any anatomy damage and by grace there was none, even the doctors were amazed due to the violence of the storm and the damage it caused. This near-death experience changed my life because on that day I understood that it was my Salvation Day. Grace spoke over me and I thank God for that. I understood that God does answer you in trouble and He preserves you in trouble and delivers you in all afflictions because He is the God of mercy, full of love and care. I now trust God even more because I know that He is able to heal you in hard times just trust Him. And today I live to testify.

In conclusion, always be grateful for the gift of life which enables you to see the beauty of the Earth and never judge a book by its cover before you read it, it might amaze you. Storms and tribulations come to enlighten the inner you, not to destroy you, so one day you can tell a story of your own.


Tell us: have you ever had a near death experience?