One sunny day Freeze Girl, The Runner, Invisible Hero and me Power Lover were just eating our breakfast when suddenly our watches started beeping, it was a call from headquarters. We all rushed to see what the problem was. I flew there because I had all of the powers in the world, Freeze Girl ice-skated there, The Runner ran there and Invisible Hero came with me. Our boss, a retired superhero, told us what was going on.

A group of evil pirates called the Creepy Crooks were stealing all the books in the world so there would be no more books or stories to read! We were all in shock because we thought everyone liked books., I mean who wouldn’t. We had to fix this and quick so I got the ship ready while the other three started to look for the Creepy Crooks. No one found the Creepy Crooks until Invisible Hero spotted them getting their ship ready. We went to the bay to see if the Creepy Crooks were there, and they were.

We sailed towards them but then The Bubbler put a big bubble around us which was very strong because it took us half an hour to get it out. We had lost their ship and were just about to give up when I spotted them. They were just about to burn one of the books, I tried to stop them but they trapped me. Freeze girl tried to save me but they trapped her. Invisible Hero turned invisible and saved us.

We got off their ship without them seeing us. It was getting dark so we each went into our rooms to sleep. It was a bit of a problem for me because the only way I get to sleep is by reading a book. I decided to try different ways to go to sleep so I counted sheep and jumped on my bed to make me tired. Luckily Invisible Hero knows me well and came into my room to tell me a story.

It was the next day and I started the boat. I could see the Creepy Crooks’ ship from where we were so now I asked Freeze Girl to take over for me while I go over to the Creepy Crooks’ ship. I went over to them and asked them why they were stealing all the books in the world. There was dead silence for a moment until Ray Man confessed and said that they do not know how to read and everyone enjoyed it so they thought if we can’t read and have fun why can other people. I really felt bad for these guys they were not trying to be bad they were just trying to have fun.

Invisible Hero was really angry and wanted to call the cops but I told her what the Creepy Crooks told me and instead she phoned headquarters to ask them to hire a teacher to teach the Creepy Crooks how to read and that is what they did. We returned all the books.