Take a step back and realise what you are going through. Whatever you’re facing, as a teacher or a learner, what do you brief your class with because people learn from looking at you? They listen to the things you talk about, they talk about those, they hear about things and all that they take into consideration. So what lesson do you promote; good or bad? Ask yourself.

We all make mistakes but we are all destined for change.

I’d like you to see things from how fortunate and valuable you are. Miracles have been done for you, me and us… Storms and hurricanes have manifest but somehow they’ve come to past. Things that made us to say I’m/you’re nothing or I/you deserve to die. We all have that point where we all feel like giving up but strength was handed to us and mercy overflowed unto our path. We’ve been told that what we’ve done could never be undone. Yes, they were right. I don’t have the power to change all I’ve done and that goes for you too.

We’ve been told that what we did could never be undone but the Lord can forgive it all.

I know this may sound hard to believe but look clearly and answer this question in your heart. What is good is Love without limits if it has no space for forgiveness? How would I say there is a God if I’ve never been forgiven too? I know my brother/sister you’re asking yourself why I say this.

Well what is the power of light if darkness looks the same? How do you define love if hate has care?

I’ve been on that path; I’ve travelled those miles with doubtfulness. While I didn’t notice who was cheering me on, I never saw the source of my strength. I was busy saying I’ve made it on my own but to be sure with you and real with myself, the might of his love and the strength of his care was there with me when I walked through the valley of the shadows of death.

He was there protecting me, providing for me. I’m not forcing my beliefs into you but testifying what you are going through is not by surprise to him. The Lord is our shepherd and he is the best one who cannot be compared to others. And he has proven himself more than I can realise and count.

We’ve been told that what we did could never be undone.

But our fore fathers never realised his potential but believed that there is one who is greater than what they were made to believe in. I know somehow what I just wrote has a way somewhere in your heart and soul. If the Lord believes in you then why worry about what others say unto you?

My last words are these… I fear not the created but I fear the creator who made me and perfected me. I’ll bow to no man.