This world is just no longer a safe place for us to be in. But where are we to go? We’ve got nowhere else to go honestly. How our mothers feel sad for us when we are welcomed into this world.

How cruel some men are that they robbed mothers of that right to be happy when their babies are born, regardless of gender. Yet these days it’s much easier for them to give birth to boys for they know that they will be bringing their baby girls into a dangerous world.

It’s so sad that a mature man doesn’t even think twice before molesting a child not older than a year. Doesn’t the cries of that child hurt you, even a little? Where has your conscience gone? For God’s sake that baby hasn’t even fully developed.

Do you think, even for a moment, about the damage you’re gonna do to that baby internally? Oh, such an innocent little baby who doesn’t even have a sin, who doesn’t even know right from wrong. You, the perpetrator ruin that child’s future before it begins.

That child may be disabled, meanwhile she was born able, she will not conceive in the future as a result of what you did to her. You, the perpetrator, could be the reason behind her marriage failing in life. You broke an innocent person’s soul. She could grow up to hate all men, thanks to you.

She could not be able to open up to love and trust even good men, thanks to your cruel deeds. You have broken her, you monster. Today she is living, yet unhappy, she’s empty. She doesn’t even think she’s worthy of love and you are at fault for all of this.

For how long will this go on? Girls no longer feel safe to walk around their hometowns for they fear that they will be raped or even killed. Who are we to trust these perpetrators who sometimes look too good to be monsters.

It’s even worse that it happens even in places where we think we are safe. In churches, even in our homes at times. Please bring back the sanity and peace to our mothers. Stop with these cruel acts against girl children. Let them celebrate the birth of their daughters once again, instead of mourning them while they still live for the fear of their lives. Let’s make the world a better place for us to all live in.


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