“Hello, who am I speaking to?” John answered a call from an unknown caller.

The caller didn’t really care about sharing his name with John. That didn’t really matter; it was all about the poster, the poster with a picture of a missing person, the person that John murdered a long time ago.

“There’s a poster on top of a tall building, go look at it and call me back. I know what you did and where you buried the body and soon the whole world will know what happened to that poor woman,” the unknown caller said to John.

John finally arrived at the building where the poster was. Another man would have been terrified by the caller’s news but John was no man, he was a murderer, a cold-blooded killer. Terror was just a scratch on his face, he felt like his whole head was about to be ripped from his body.

The unknown caller called again. John answered, “Hello!” he said.

Things went from bad to worse. There was a second poster with the words, I know who the killer is in another building down town.

The unknown caller, the man responsible for the poster demanded a million rand from John or else he was going to reveal John’s dark secret to the whole world.

“Okay ..Uhm .. alright, send me your bank account, I’ll give you the money,” John said desperately trying to keep the bones buried.

He could not feel himself at that moment, something was burning inside him. His heart was pumping fire through his veins. He was soaking wet in his own sweat.

Two weeks after John had paid a million rand to the unknown caller he received another call.

“Hello,” he said.

The caller was an old woman. This women turned out to be the same person John had murdered, 35 years ago. It turned out she survived a gun shot fired by John. The bullet didn’t kill her, it only caused her to suffer from a short term stroke. John buried her while unaware that she was still alive. She woke up and got herself out of the hole. 35 years later she came back for her revenge against John.


Tell us: If you were John what would you do?