Once upon a time there was a child named Ciara. She had to go to another school, so she was going to learn in Canton City. On her first day she saw a mean girl, her name was Jurina. She was the boss of the school, everyone knew her. She started bullying Ciara but Ciara did not tell anyone.

“Oh the baby is back shame, get out of my way!” Jurina said. Ciara got out of the way; she was shaking with fear. Later the teacher was out of the class and Jurina was walking around the class and she purposely stepped on Ciara. “What’s wrong fool?” she whispered in Ciara’s ear. The bell rang and it was the end of school.

“How was second day?” asked Ciara’s Mom.

“Fine,” said Ciara sadly.

“I’ve had enough of getting bullied by a child,” Ciara practised to say that to Jurina when she got to school.

“Hello mummy’s baby, sweety pie, darling, lovely,” said Jurina laughing at Ciara.

“Enough!” yelled Ciara.

“Excuse me,” said the mean girl.

“I said enough is enough,” said Ciara.

“Yes, she is right,” said Jenie. Jenie and Jody were Jurina’s friends.

“You are not a good girl, we hate you,” said Jody. “Your V5W lipstick is no longer cool, mnxim let’s go.”

“She is not going, who cares about you?” said the mean girl wishing that Ciara did not go with them.

“Me too dummy, I don’t care about your money, fancy clothes, your fancy big house, your parents’ Mercedes Benz,” said Jenie slapping her with her long hair.

“Bullying was your thing. You don’t even care when somebody is crying. What’s wrong with you? You forgot your brain or you have rocks in your head? We are not afraid of you looser, now face the music girl, mummy’s baby, sweetie pie, darling, lovely bestie. Let’s go,” said Ciara, being a diva.

Ciara was sweet and people loved her. She became famous and was the head girl in Grade 7. Her motto was: No bulling, show respect, be trustworthy, be caring and fair, be a good citizen.


Tell us what you think: Have you ever been bullied? How did you deal with it?