Once upon a time there was a mother who was poor and lived alone in the village. Her name was Sarah; she was a humble and kind, but the people of the village didn’t love her because she was poor.

One day Sarah was at the river fetching water when she met Adelaide, the king’s daughter. Sarah didn’t know that Adelaide was the king’s daughter. Sarah greeted Adelaide politely.
“How are you ma’am?”

Adelaide didn’t love poor people, she just said, “I’m fine.”

Adelaide asked Sarah where she lived.

Sarah replied, “I’m just a poor mother, I live near here.”

“I would like to come with you,” said Adelaide.

Sarah said, “It’s fine let’s go.”

They went to Sarah’s house.

Adelaide said to Sarah, “The place you live in is like hell. I can’t even live here for a day.”

But Sarah was humble and polite. It was late and the king was worried about Adelaide. He called his servants and told them to go and look for Adelaide, the king followed in suit.

They looked for her at the river and then they went to Sarah’s house and knocked.

Sarah opened the door. When the king looked at Sarah he was happy. He asked, “Have you seen Adelaide?”

“Yes she’s inside, please come in,” said Sarah.

The king then went home with Adelaide.

When the king arrived home he said, “I want to hire a maid who will be humble, she will then be my wife.”

The advisors called a meeting to let all the women in the village know. The king hired many women, but they were just disrespectful. He hired Sarah and she was humble, kind and caring.

The king then married Sarah.

Adelaide was not happy. She was always disrespectful and the king decided to tell her to move out.
Sarah and the king lived happily ever after.


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