Unemployment, crime, poverty, lack of opportunities and unfair distribution of wealth are all factors that point to the ever-rising population. The obvious truth is that an increase in population results in an increase of the above mentioned problems. The notion that not everyone can be rich is false, for whom or whatever dictated that some be rich and others be poor? No book within the scope of life pertains to a written law that negates success to others and disperses prosperity upon others.

The problem of man is man. While one might impose a culling order this act would be malevolent and nefarious in nature. Instead, seek understanding in my words that I as young man simply plead and beg for an opportunity in life. The image given that our lives constitute of materialism seems like a propaganda advertisement aimed at making us believe that money is all there is to life. Instead, I simply seek enough money for a life that’s comfortable; to hold the title of being rich isn’t my goal. For one thing is certain: Riches are worthless if you aren’t happy.