In the yard, a sound of a broken gate that has rusted was singing. The sound of it made dogs bark, the sound of it made people cry, the sound of it made the young boy Katlego sing. The smell of the gate was horrible but manageable. Rats were playing around the broken gate but Katlego was crying and singing, sitting on top of the broken gate.

His pure heart was in danger; his body was in pain; he’d been beaten.

The broken old rusted gate made a lot of dust. Dogs started to sleep and people stopped crying. The gate made Katlego feel safe and well. The yard started to smell like fresh roses and the sound of the gate started to stop. The sight of it started to be platinum that was made of gold. The touch was predictable but still the pounding heart of Katlego was in pain. His heart felt like a stranger to him. He felt betrayed by his heart and asked himself whether people felt the same way he did.

Suddenly a dog came by with a strange voice, a beautiful dog he had never seen in his life. He was terrified, shocked and even scared. The dog started talking.

“My boy what’s wrong?”

“It’s someone I trusted,” Katlego said crying. “In fact that person is my life, I can’t live without him.”

“I know now who are you talking about.”

“Do you?”

“It’s your heart angithi. You can’t expect to live without struggle or challenge because you can’t learn when you live a perfect life.”

“But why does my heart not respect me?”

“Nah you need to respect your heart boy; how do you expect a heart to respect you while it’s keeping you alive?”

“Are you trying to say this pounding heart inside me is my priority?”

“Yes my boy. This pounding heart inside you is a part of you in this world, so let the world begin.”

Then disappeared the dog and the place got back to normal. That’s where Katlego found the peace of happiness in the world.