Ever wondered what success is? How it does it feel like to be successful?

This is an essay based on the path to success. Tomorrow depends on the decisions you make today. Your determination shapes your tomorrow to be a brighter day.

Remember that yesterday and today were once a tomorrow too. The moment you decide what to do tomorrow, remember it is the path to a better or worse life based on the decisions you make. Before taking drastic actions to reach your goal or achievement you need to do some well-thought research on yourself.

It’s like deciding what career you want to pursue, it tells you what your interests, strengths, weaknesses, goals and values are. By so doing you will be creating your path to success. Determined action, always being alert and aware helps you to aim high. It’s in that moment when you decide to do right by yourself that your destiny is shaped by love and aspiration. Willingness is part of the entire process.

Growing up, we were taught to love ourselves and others, such morals add to our destiny. Education forms a big part of your path to success, it’s like when planning to take a trip, you plan and organise before going on the trip. You will encounter detours and speed bumps along the road, however with education and determination, you will reach your destination.

This so-called smooth road will take you to places you have never been to. It will teach you what no man can teach. This road will guide you to your individual destiny.

With God’s most important commandment, which is love, remember do not teach a man how to eat a fish, teach a man how to catch a fish. To be successful be honest and have faith for they breed respect and understanding.

What does success mean to you?