She used to pass through the passage every day. Sometimes she would spend several hours in there. She never came across any danger in that passage, she walked alone there with no fear.

“My heart just feels satisfied every time I’m sitting alone in my holy place,” said the girl, she was only 15. That was the statement she used to give to those who advised her about how dangerous that passage was.

Most of the villagers lost their loved ones in the same passage that the innocent girl felt comfortable in. What was more painful was that those villagers never got a chance to bury their relatives’ remains, since no one seemed to have an idea what happened to them.

“They have just disappeared.” That’s what the villagers always said when they asked about the loss of their loved ones.

“The smell; the fresh air, the sound of the crickets and the sounds of other unknown insects; I wish to spend the rest of my life in the passage,” said, comfortably, the young girl.

Her parents were always warning her that she must not pass alone in that passage, but she didn’t seem to be listening to anyone, since her spirit connected with that passage.

One day when she was alone in that passage, as usual, she fell asleep. A huge python with six heads took her spirit.

“You are my queen,” the snake said. After that, the snake showed her a beautiful world she had never seen in her life. “This is our world that we will rule these people you are seeing, together,” the snake further said.

She then saw all the people from her village working harder and eating human flesh and drinking human blood.

Quickly, the girl screamed the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Then she woke up and saw the same snake sleeping next to her. The girl prayed and prayed and prayed until the snake disappeared.

When she got home, she told her parents what happened. And she proposed that all churches in the village must gather for a mass prayer. Although some people around the churches were members of the passage, they prayed and prayed until God answered them. Then everyone from those who had disappeared came out of the passage and lived again.


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