He remembered that day like someone jogged his memory. This was the main reason he couldn’t move forward. He was stuck in the past and the future was moving ahead without him. They set him up and he went down for them. The day of his arrest he was transporting illegal firearms which did not belong to him.

He was only just the driver, his job was to transport boxes full of things he knew nothing about. He was just a pawn used to fill a gap in a large machine deep inside the world of criminals.

“Did you count all the boxes in the kombie?” asked his boss.

He pulled over on the side of the highway and began to count all the boxes in the kombi. The number was accurate, he then went back inside the kombi, “Yes sir, I double checked,” he said.

He was just an innocent man surrounded by guilty man. These were criminal gangs, money launderers, identify thieves and drug dealers. He was just a family man, a father of three and a husband. He was desperate for a job and this was the only job available for him in the market. He took it and asked no questions, he signed up to put his life in danger and he got in trouble for that. When the police arrested him that day he was just making another delivery.

This was just an ordinary shift, another day on the road. The day felt a bit longer, it felt like something bad was going to happen to him. He could feel it in his stomach.

“License and registration please,” said the traffic officer.

The day just went dim in a moment and things were getting darker for him. He felt anxiety deep inside his stomach. It was like his entire body was about to shut down, “Your license has expired sir,” said the traffic officer, “Kindly step out of the car please” he said.

The kombi he was driving was searched and it was discovered that he was transporting illegal firearms.

“What do we have here?” said the traffic officer looking inside the boxes in the kombi.
He knew nothing about what he was transporting, so he couldn’t answer.

“I know nothing about what’s inside these boxes, I’m only the driver,” he said. The traffic officer arrested him and called the towing truck to come and collect the kombi alongside the local police unit.

“Hands behind your back, you are coming to the station with me, let’s go,” the traffic officer said.

Possession of carrying illegal firearms was a serious crime and he was held accountable for the crime of his bosses. This was even after he had told the police everything he knew and his involvement in it. The people responsible for those illegal weapons were good at covering their tracks and the police couldn’t find a single one of them. They must have fled the country.
An arrest had to be made for those weapons and he was the only person they found who was involved. He was given the heaviest penalty, they put him in prison for twenty-five years.

Twenty-five years later, he was now forty-five years and a free man. He was finally out of prison, he was on the other side of the fence.


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