A brown mini leather handbag; there is only one word to describe it ‘exquisite’.

Before I got to own it, it was my grandmother’s back in the day, way back in the early 80s or 90s. Since then, its design has been improved. My mother gave it to me because she knew it would suit me. I really did, and still love it for obvious reasons. It’s unique, compliments me and is out of this world.

I am into vintage things, mostly clothes and everything that goes well with them. I can call myself the ‘Slaying Vintage Queen’ but not in a fashionable way. Most people laugh at my precious bag and sometimes say it is the smallest suitcase they had ever seen. I end up laughing and telling them what it is. I even make them touch and hold it. They miraculously end up loving and complementing it.

I don’t heavy-load it, its small space and length is meant for small and light things. I put only my lipsticks, necklaces, earrings and any amount of money I have. My friends always ask me why don’t I have some make-up in my bag. I only use one sentence to answer them: “I don’t need make-up. I want people to compliment and notice my bag and not my looks.”

I have owned it for six years and I carry it only when going to town and on special occasions. Since then, it has been my everything.

It has become my friend and I’m not complete without it. I respect it so much and even protect it from any damage. No one touches it without my permission; I can say I’m overprotective but it is worth it. My bag is something else and everyone around me can testify. I sometimes just rearrange everything in it only so I can touch and be close to it.

Even today, most people, especially strangers, whisper every time I pass carrying my handbag. I don’t want to think they are saying negative things, that’s why I just decide that they are impressed and amazed by its uniqueness.

I am reluctant to give it to anyone, permanently or temporary, I don’t even want to replace it. I don’t think I will ever consider buying a new handbag even though they may come in different forms. As long as it is still in a good shape, I don’t think it will ever be in a bad shape for I’m taking care of it.

I’ve made a vow in my heart that till elderly life do us part. That way I will be trying to make it our family tradition of passing old fashionable things from one generation to another. I don’t think I’ll be able to do that though, that’s how much I love it.