Life is a journey and it takes a long walk to conquer that journey. The journey of life is never easy, as it is filled with challenges along the way, and some of those challenges cause many people to give up and surrender.

Life is made up of two rooms: the rooms of success and failure. The question is, how do we end up in such rooms? And the answer is that our choices and actions give us different keys to unlock such rooms. It is the human mind and life choices that determine the rooms we decide to choose, whether the room of success or the room of failure.

Unfortunately, along the way the journey gets harder and harder and we lose hope. When the journey is out of our control, we surrender and end up failing to reach our biggest dreams and goals. When we’ve given up on our lives and take a wrong route in life, we begin to lay regrets on our lives. A regret is a process of realising and admitting that we’ve made wrong choices in our lives, and yet we should be willing to redirect our lives to the way it should be. It is never too late to change things for the better because we still have strength and the ability to work harder to rebuild our lives.

The journey of a river is a good example of what I’m trying to say; the flow of water in the river is never smooth due to the hard rocks in between the river. The rocks are a challenge because they prevent the flow of water, but the water is clever enough because when it hits the rocks it changes its direction and begins a new flow. Also, life is like a book consisting of many pages, and the story conveyed in the first page does not conclude what the last page will convey.

If you have fallen several times in life it does not mean that’s the end of the journey, but it means you have to turn over a new page. The next page that you decide to turn over is a page filled with life changing stories, a page that holds the greatest pastures of life, a page that brings new hope where everything is possible, a page that brings strength and courage to see the value of life, and the page that concludes the story of your life.

There are people who have faced many challenges in life and who work hard every day, but they do not see progress in their lives. Some of them have given up on their lives and concluded that a curse was made upon them. Some of them regret the choices they made in life. The past has happened, but today start a new journey by turning over the next page of life because there is a brighter destiny waiting for you.


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