Everything seems complicated in our everyday lives. Some are successful and some are trying to make it to the success room. Many are only discovering that the journey has many holes to be filled. No one can fully understand the reason for the journey because we all desire to reach the destination without stomping on broken rocks.

There is a big difference between the one who runs and the one who walks.
It is true that one who runs reaches the final destination in time. It is also true that one who walks takes longer to reach the destination. But one who runs never realises the importance of the journey.

One might lose the experience of life and its knowledge while running. Remember what makes one great is not the wealth but the experience gained in life’s trial. One who walks learns about the miseries of life and acknowledges it as well as embraces it. Do not just learn from life, but experience it.

Do not just think of reaching the destination but ponder about it. Experience is often the most valuable treasure you have to offer. Most good decisions come from experience.


Tell us: What do you think the importance of experience is?