The most wonderful thing in life is to have a mate. I remember how I met a group of four girls who became my best friends.

Being in a friendship with them was like a gift. They all sat in the same row in class. They did homework, tasks and almost everything together. They inspired me; I wanted to know what made them so strong.

I sat with one of them; made friends with her. She was very friendly to me. From then on I joined the group, to know each of them well. Finally I had the chance to know those four wonderful ladies.

They had passion, and knew what they wanted. They offered help to other students and tutored them. Helping others to them was like helping themselves in a kind of a way.

I have always had a trend of having great friendships with my classmates; every classmate of mine was my friend. Friends with same goals and objectives to achieve at end of year; it’s amazing.