We are all ignorant to this one particular thing called time. Often we take it for granted and never realize just how important it is.

Ever since my parents divorced I had never uttered a single word to my father. I guess all my decisions were manipulated by anger. He had emptied all of my trust for him. I hated him for ruining my mother’s life and making her life vulnerable. For years she struggled working two jobs trying to put food on the table for us both and keeping me in school. Life was hard.

We moved to the tiniest apartment to save up as much as we could. I remember one particular day when I found her weeping on the couch I swore I would take good care of her once I started working. She was well aware of the hatred I had for my father, but despite all he had done to her she said to me: “My precious baby, life is too short to hold grudges and walk around carrying hatred in your heart. Learn to forgive and let go of the past. Be thankful for every breath you take. Your time here on Earth is very little therefore make the most of every second. Time is precious. Hold it dearly.”

Two days later she was admitted to hospital. Doctors said she had a tumour on her brain. Somehow I felt more scared than her. It was as if it were I in her place. In every single conversation we had, I felt as if she was ready to leave me. I was afraid. After a week of staying in the hospital she was discharged and looking much better than before.

She told me of her past. Interesting things we had never talked about before. Our bond grew even stronger. For the first time in a long time there was laughter and happiness in our home. Our hearts were warm. She gave me a gift and told me to wait until the time was right to open it.

After a long talk and plenty of persuasion I finally agreed to meet with my father for the first time in a long time. I still remember the day very well. The day when wisdom knocked on my door. I finally understood what my mother meant about letting bygones be bygones. Day by day we fixed our broken relationship and I once again was able to call him father.

Death being the bride of every home, my mother passed on a few weeks after our family had just bonded and I lost a very important person in my life. My one and only true friend, my anchor and my pillar of strength. My first true love, I lost my mother.

Time had once again proven to be very short to the people who need it most, but every time I look at the watch on my wrist, gifted to me by her, I understand how precious time is.