Once upon a time, there was a happy family who lived their lives hunting and spent most of their times doing so.
Hunting kept them from quarreling and doing things that they were not supposed to do. One day, after hunting they visited the house of one of the locals. The owner of that house, a middle aged black woman, sold traditional beer. They ordered and drank two pints of traditional beer each. Afterwards the family erupted in joyous song and were joined by the other customers.

The next day, Rre Motladihedile suggested to his friends that they compete to see who the best hunter was. They all were under the impression that they were all very good hunters.

Then men made Otlaagwaemang the judge of their contest because he was the best teen hunter they knew. He brought his siblings along to help him to be a fair judge.

The day of the contest arrived the next day, it was a good turnout; many villagers came to watch the men compete. The contest started and the men were off with arrows and spears to prove that one of them was the best hunter. A few minutes after the hunt started, Otlaagwaemang joined the hunting. He couldn’t sit on the side-lines any longer. When the other contestants noticed him joining them, they forgot about the contest and started singing boisterously as they hunted together.


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