Kwezi was my male bestie. He was always there for me when I needed him, what he didn’t know was that I loved him. I would chat with him for hours and stay up late. The moment of him being offline felt like I was being tortured. That’s how much I loved him!

I would wake up at 4:11am just to check up on him but he didn’t see how much I loved him. He promised to come see me before my birthday on 27 February. Two days earlier I went to the park so I would see him. I was so happy I wore my blue jeans, white t-shirt and white tekkies and waited for him but he never showed up.

I tried calling him but he didn’t answer my calls. I was worried about him. I checked on his Facebook page, he had just posted a picture of himself with friends ten minutes earlier. I felt like a fool, I was so mad at him! I said to him, “Kwezi, you selfish! You promised to meet me but I waited for hours! I felt like a fool standing there alone, how could you do this to me?”

“I am sorry I forgot, please forgive me.”

He tried calling me but I didn’t answer his calls.

Then on my birthday I woke up to a message saying, “I love you. I’ve always loved you, I just didn’t have the guts to tell you.”
I told him I loved him too and we started dating. It was amazing, he would come see me every Saturday until one day he didn’t show up. I wasn’t that worried.

Then I saw a message from him saying it was over. I was so heartbroken, I even self-harmed. I asked him why and he just blocked me. His friend Thato saw me one day.

“What happened to you, did someone beat you up?” he asked

I told him what happened.

“You love him that much?”

I told him yes. He said he would come check on me the following day.

“Dude you broke the poor girl’s heart, did you know that she’s even self-harming?” Thato said.

Kwezi asked his friend to take him to me and so they came. Kwezi hugged me.

“You’re a fool, why did I do this to myself?” he asked me. I told him that I did it because of him, he apologised to me and I forgave him. I never saw him again since that day.


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