It was a warm and starless summer night with the full moon directly overhead. The sound of insects chirping mingled with the croaking of frogs, and on a bench sat Rhys and Belinda hand-in-hand. The two had finally accepted that today was Rhys last day. The couple decided that the place they first met was a fitting location for an eternal farewell.

Rhys had picked himself up from bed for the first time since he had been bedridden due to his cancer. He and Belinda walked to their “lake heaven” silently, but the connection of their souls required no words.

“Hey, Belinda.” Rhys said, as he put his hand around her waist to draw her closer. “Promise me that you’ll find happiness again.”

Belinda shook her head in disapproval, as her tears dripped on her thighs.

“Rhys, where will I ever find love again? Where can happiness be found? This unbearable pain is too much to bear. Oh how I wish it was me who was dying instead.” Belinda said emotionally knowing that the odds of finding love in her generation was scarce – if not impossible.

Rhys, with his ever enthusiastic smile looked at the moon. “Belinda, remember what I always told you. When we are apart just look at the full moon and know that I’m staring back at you from the sky.” Rhys said aware of the cliché, but not caring.

As the fluttering fireflies gradually dispersed Rhys became weaker. “Belinda I’m..sorr…” Rhys tried to say as he stood up. He fainted and landed face down. His tears shone like diamonds from the moonlight, as they momentarily defied gravity. Time stood still for Belinda, as she stared at Rhys’s motionless body on the ground.

Belinda, finally getting control of her senses, lunged torward Rhys. She grabbed him by the neck with one arm and pulled his head onto her thighs. Rhys slowly picked up his hand to touch Belinda’s face. Both of them were crying as Rhys’s speech gradually became inaudible. His hand slammed with a thud on the ground. Belinda stared up at the full moon wailing as the light around her heart descended into an abyss of eternal sorrow.


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