Once upon a time there was a young woman from the land of great imagination. She was beautiful, intelligent and had a fresh mind that was free and loved by everyone in the village.

One day this beautiful princess named Hope decided to play beyond the borders of her mother’s territory of monitoring and went to go explore a forest; the road not taken.

During her journey she came across a sign that read:

Enter at own risk, imagination is the only survival tool in this land.

Hope confidently entered this world of the unknown and came across a mountain with a door with a clue that read:

To enter this path of the unknown, you need guidance from a little grown hero to protect your legs and feet, who is also bright to light up your path to reach the other side.

Hope took some time and thought to herself. She relaxed and cleared her mind and after reading the instruction a few times it hit her. With a grin she clicked her shoes together and started to speak out her imagination in whisper.

“I’m imagining an Albino, dwarf knight to guide me into this mountain.”

To her surprise that’s just the hero she needed and the knight guided her on the journey ahead. They continued into the mountain, seeing spider webs, blind snakes and waters not fit enough to be drunk by human beings without imagination. For that water could be willed into lemonade if your imagination was pure and worthy.

After a walk, protected by the albino dwarf knight, Hope reached the other side of the land. She came across three wise men who stopped her on her path to make sure she was worth the second stage of this world.

The first wise man asked in a loud voice, “Hope, what do you have that you are willing to sacrifice today?”

The second wise man asked with a calm voice, “Hope what are you willing to gain during this path?”

The third wise man held her hand and said to be able to choose question one or two you will need to answer this very colourful question.

“What colour doesn’t exist in all countries flags?”

Hope wondered and after she went down memory lane she realised all the world’s countries doesn’t have that one specific colour.

She yelled out with pride, “Wise men that colour is purple!”

With a smile the three wise men said, “Hope have you chosen your gift?”

She said yes and answered, “I want to gain the power of knowledge and a greater imagination,” she responded.

A path was opened and ahead was a very beautiful garden.

Deeper into her journey she saw rabbits in her path enjoying carrots and then turned to look at her and hopped towards her.

A bit scared she walked towards them and they said, “Hope, to continue on this path you will have to break this riddle.”

“Who can live for days in a dry desert with no water, paint walls with art that can never be removed and dig for water and live in hut with a family of 15 all at once?”

This is a hard, Hope thought to herself. Sitting down to relax imagining such a character, she took a bite of one of the carrots around the area that the rabbits were enjoying and she answered with confidence, “Mr Rabbit! I finally broke your riddle.”

With those round big eyes all the rabbits of the land paid attention.

“A human being called a Koisan,” she answered.

Looking like they were smiling the rabbits ran for the hills.

Hope sunk and slid down a hole. She was very scared, but hoped for the best upon landing. As she saw a light ahead of her she came closer and closer and fell on a soft cloud.

She met ant-like farmers who had hand sprinklers busy pouring that water into some clouds and they greeted with happiness.

“Hello Hope. Wow you have made it far. What brings you all this way?” they asked.

She responded, “Growth of my imagination Mr ant.”

“Oh alright,” he answered. “Well Hope you have reached the end of the land, so what is your wish today? You can have anything you have ever wanted.”

Wow she thought, imagining all the things she could have; should I wish for more wishes? Should I wish for fame and money? Should I wish for a fast car that doesn’t need petrol? Should I wish to be a real princess?

During this confusion of thinking she looked at the agriculture ants and said, “Dear ants of wisdom, I wish for the world to be Corona free and for everyone who has lost a loved one to finally find peace.”

A thunderous sound struck, rain poured and Hope could see it under her feet and the ants said, “Wish granted.”

That’s when Isabella called Hope into the house, “Come have dinner.”

It was night time, too late for her to be playing outside.


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