Mbavhalelo was a beautiful young girl who was raised with good manners. Her father was a man of God at Haven my belongings, one of the biggest ministries in the land. Her mother came from a house of Manga royals.Her mother taught her almost everything about relationships and what marriage would be like before she got married to Ngelekanyo.

Ngelekanyo, kind gentleman, a man of his word, a good character, always laughing, and a man of real love…These were the qualities that Mbavhalelo knew about her husband.

Because of his kindness, Mbavhalelo dedicated all of her life to him. They were blessed with three children, two boys, and a girl. Their marriage was known in almost every part of the country, as Ngelekanyo was a prominent person. Ngelekanyo was a member of parliament.

One day when he slept, a message entered his phone from the Head of Department, inviting him to attend a meeting, a secret meeting.

It was not the first time that Ngelekanyo was invited to such a meeting. It became usual for Ngelekanyo to attend such meetings. His wife thought nothing of it, as he went to one each week.

One day, Mbavhalelo felt to ask about the meetings that her husband always attends.

“When will these meetings of yours come to an end?” Mbavhalelo asked.

“My wife, if you are serving the nation as a politician, you have to attend each and every department meeting, even when it is in the middle of the night,” he replied.

Secretly Ngelekanyo was having a great time with his secret girl by the name of Muhangwi. They spent most of their special time together during his “secret meetings”. He had been having an affair for three years behind Mbavhalelo’s back.

One day, Muhangwi discovered that she was pregnant, and she pressured Ngelekanyo to take her as his second wife.

“My life is so different when I’m with you, my love. Why don’t we tell that stupid housewife of yours that I am pregnant? Habe, I want to stay with you or I will move out of this relationship,” said Muhangwi, when she was with Ngelekanyo in one of the biggest hotels in town.

“Don’t worry, baby. I will sort it out,” Ngelekanyo replied.

At midnight when the two love-birds slept, Muhangwi took Ngelekanyo’s cell phone, took pictures with him in bed and sent them to Mbavhalelo. Mbavhalelo immediately divorced Ngelekanyo.

After seven months of the two love-birds living together, Muhangwi started to show Ngelekanyo her true colours. He even found out that the baby girl, Rifhambane, was not his child. Muhangwi divorced Ngelekanyo and claimed that he abused her. She took everything from him, his house, his cars, and his money.


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