Sarah grew up in a rural area called Ubuzo. Sarah was the smartest girl in the village. Her father was the richest, most well-known man while her mother was a priest. The villagers respected her mother as she was one of the kindness and most devoted women. Her mother cared for the villagers; she invested money for them and provided them with food parcels, blankets and clothes every month end.

One day, Sarah’s mom Thando called the villagers to her home. She taught them about saving money and investing as she saw that poverty and unemployment was on the rise in their village. The villagers did not know how to thank her and her family, so they decided to go to the King’s palace and had a meeting there. They all went there as a village. The King was so surprised to see the villagers as he had not called a meeting. When the meeting started the King looked into the villagers’ eyes and felt pity to shut them off.

One of the villagers Madlamini stood up and said with a sigh, “My King, the King of Ubuzo, the greatest among them all, I greet you. We as your people called a meeting in your palace because we felt the importance of coming and telling you this in person,”

The king interrupted and said, “Madlamini the woman with courage, one of the sophisticated people around Ubuzo. Can you please be clear about your plea!”

“Ever since Mrs Thando came to live in our village, the villagers and I live in peace. Without fighting each other like we used to before. And we also experienced and learned good things from her, like learning how to read and write. I can go on and on naming them. So we came with a plea, my king asking you as you have the power to rule, to help us by giving her a special position in the village,” Madlamini continued.

The Queen stood up and said with frustration, “Some people can be fools!”

“They never appreciated what they get from us, and I have tried to show you fools my kindness, and how do you repay me?” There was silence between the villagers.

“By coming to my place and having the audacity to tell the King about another woman’s kindness in my presence, you are vain,” the Queen continued.

The King gazed at the queen with shame and said, “My Queen why are you so cross? What have my villagers done to you?”

The King stood up and said, “My great people I hear and respect your plea, so from now on I’ll give Mrs Thando a perfect position in the village,”

After a few days a secret was revealed to the Queen that her daughter Amina had made friends with her enemy’s daughter Sarah. The girls loved each other like they were from the same womb. The Queen did not like seeing them together as she hated Sarah’s mother so bad she could even kill her.

One Sunday morning, Amina decided to go to church with her family. It was an exciting day because they had time to spend together as family. While they were in church the pastor looked upon Amina and said, “My dear child, I am so happy that you have come to your senses and decided to come to church,”

The people of the village were filled with astonishment as they couldn’t believe their ears.

The Queen was so pleased, “This is the best day of my life,” The King said, “I’m glad that you are happy my love. And I am also hoping that you now know the importance of coming to church,”

Whilst they were heading to their car, Sarah came running towards her friend and congratulated her as she knew that Amina did not like church at first. They giggled at each other for seconds. Amina was beyond excited and thought to herself, “I am the luckiest girl in the universe.”


Tell us: How do you think Sarah influenced Amina to go to church?