The light at the end of the race is ominous, making each thing that passes its way disappear. Their eyes are filled with tears and sorrow like the mossy stone that has my loves’ name engraved on it. Why are they not happy? I’ve got one more lap to go.

I look down and see my half-stumbling legs as I run on the long and winding track. My legs look as if they will give in and crack, just as my heart did when my love left. What is the heart of the ‘Ice Princess’ without its ‘Radiant Prince’? These are our pet names for each other. I long ever so much to hear it again.

Around me, time has decided to stand still. My body does not agree with time and decides to push on until the end – no matter how long it takes to get there. As I run, my body cannot keep up with my mind, which is reminiscing faster than my body can ever run. Flashing memories of when I began this race, the multiple laps I have completed, and the lap still to come. My life is going fast… too fast.

I cannot truly appreciate the joy the race has brought me. The fun and laughter at the beginning, the tears and joy throughout the 19 laps, and the despair and agony that caught up with me as I went for the 20th lap. My thoughts remain on the prize that comes with finishing this race. There is not even a split second to stop the picture. Not even I, the Ice Princess, can freeze time, even though it feels as if my spirit is frozen next to the grave of my love.

As I near the finish line my body begins to give in to all the pain that has followed me through this long race. Sweat is dripping down my face and I can hardly push myself to go any further. Yet the end is so near.

“Just finish this lap, just finish this lap” is the chant that plays over and over and over again in my head.

I seem to be slowing down. My heart aches, rivulets of tears stream down my face and the aching feeling in my entire body makes me flinch with pain at each stride. But my deep desire for finishing keeps me going. My friends are yelling at me to slow down and finish the race with them. Even though we are far apart, they can see that I am not the person I was when I began this race. I refuse to slow down, for I know what prize lies ahead…

I cross the line and everybody begins to cry. They still have a long way to go. On the ground below me are two mossy stones. And next to me I see my prince. “My Ice Princess,” he cries.


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