Welcome to the fitting room, where we exchange pleasantries for self-congruence and fish for compliments just to boost our self-confidence in the heat of the moment. Sitting on the edge of my seat, hoping for better days. Deeper than my eyes could see. Darker than the days I walk in faith, maybe this journey was never meant to be clear.

Maybe one day we’ll become men and all will be okay, so it seems. Maybe freedom is a choice and like this blank page at which I stare, I have nothing to say but much to feel, much to need and much to be, much to see and much to live by, but most importantly, much to live for.

Honestly, silence is the best noise and peace is my portion of happiness. I am a true representation of my father’s love. Maybe pain gives birth to happiness, because in my world being yourself is a crime. Maybe nobody will ever understand my pain and so my pain, this very pain, is my gift to earth. That fire, that fire burning inside my chest, is for you my child, my gift to you is love and hope.

Hope, the last call for freedom, words, spoken with tears falling from faces that once had a smile. Who am I to question fate? I am nothing but a creature made in my own way, flawlessly perfecting my journey in this world.

What I know is that in the end, we all have our dreams and reality is what you make of it and with that being said, I humbly ask you to send my regards to the wise. Tell them I’m thankful for the gift of life and the message it brings.

Tell them I will do as they please. Tell them I am here for peace.


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